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Surat outshines other cities in urbanization

Posted on Apr 05, 2013
SURAT: The coming decade will see 60 per cent of Gujarats population living in urban areas. The housing and household count figures of the Census-2011 show that at present Gujarat is 50 per cent urbanized with growth rates of 67 and 23 per cent in urban and rural segments respectively.
“The population has shown preference for urban areas for they are equipped with better infrastructure and educational facilities and also offer enhanced opportunities of employment,” joint director, Census, Gujarat, R C Meena said.

One of the major parameters to judge urbanization in an area is to look at the number of houses there. On the basis of this figures, Surat has outshined other cities in the state. Surat has a population of 46 lakh and 14 lakh occupied houses.

Associate professor, Centre for Social Studies, Satyakam Joshi said, “This is could be attributed to two factors — high number of migrants and locals having more than one house.”
Surat Municipal Corporation deputy municipal commissioner C Y Bhatt said, “Surat offers good employment opportunities. People who have benefited from their stay in the city have invested in houses”
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Amid recession, low-cost housing spurs realty market

Posted on Mar 18, 2013
SURAT: There is a recession in the realty market but affordable housing is one segment which has still gained ground in Surat. This had helped to prop up by 12 points the Residex of National Housing Bank (NHB), a housing index by the wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India, in the last quarter of 2012.“In Surat, recession is not an issue c ...
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Property tax in Gujarat: Surat cheapest in state

Posted on Mar 05, 2013
Surat: Surtis live in the cheapest city when it comes to paying property taxes. Though the municipal corporation proposed a hike for commercial properties, nearly 11.5 lakh residential property owners were spared an increase. User charges for civic utilities have however doubled for all property owners.As property tax remains unaltered for the last ...
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