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Rajkot wakes up to realty of luxury

Posted on Jun 11, 2013
RAJKOT: Siesta-loving Rajkotians are waking up to the reality of luxurious living! Latching on to the demand from moneyed class, builders in Saurashtras commercial hub are now constructing what they call ‘multi-storeyed bungalows. Whats more, residents in these lavish apartments can take their cars right up to their 10th floor apartment and park it next to the living room.
According to market sources, at least 10 such apartment schemes are coming up in the city where, besides amenities like garden on each floor, the owner can take their cars up to their doorstep using a special elevator. The high-rises are coming up mainly near Nyari Dam, Nana Mava, Awadh Road and Kalavad Road.
Ishwar Gehi, an architect and real estate developer, who designed first such ‘multi-storey bungalows in Panchvati Society, said, “Parking is becoming a serious problem which only looks like getting worse. So, besides luxury of parking their cars beside their apartment, owners are also assured of the vehicles security.”
Parking woes are also resulting in the expensive cars getting damaged, another reason why people are lapping up these apartments. These residential apartments are spread over 3,500 sq ft and 500 sq ft space is allotted for car parking.
Hitesh Bagdai, president of Rajkot Builders Association (RBA), said, “Luxury is being redefined with such apartments of bungalow style. People are fancying parking their car right next to their 10th floor house. And, Rajkot has taken the lead among all cities in Gujarat to have such residential schemes.”
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