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Palloor residents demand revision in land prices

Posted on Aug 28, 2015

KANNUR: The much delayed and discussed Thalassery-Mahe bypass road project, is heading for further complication, as the residents of Palloor in Mahe, through which the road would pass, have decided to demand the revision of the price fixed in 2011 and want four times the government-approved rate for land in 2015.

"Though the project was mooted in 1979, the land acquisition was delayed inordinately following which the residents launched an agitation and finally the rate was fixed by the district-level purchasing committee (DLPC), based on the government approved land rate in 2011. We agreed to approve the rate of four-times the government-fixed rate of land as per norms," said Kannipoyil Babu, convener of the action committee.

Though the rate was much less than the market rate, the residents agreed to it because they wanted to be part of the development but the national highways authority of India (NHAI) was not willing to pay this and they approached the court and they failed the case, he said.

"Now, they say they would agree with the compensation fixed by the arbitrator, as they could not approve the rate fixed by the DLPC and we have decided to demand four times the price fixed by the Puducherry government in the current financial year, as the land value has increased considerably over the years," he said.

The arbitrator is visiting Mahe to finalize the price after meeting the land owners. As per the earlier rate the compensation was fixed at Rs 2.56 lakh to 4.29 lakh. However, now the land value has increased considerably and even the government has increased the land value by 15 % a year, said the action committee justifying the demand.

However, whether the arbitrator would agree for this rate is still a matter of confusion. But if the rates are not approved they would not agree for the deal, said the discontented land owners.

"If the rate fixed earlier was sanctioned at that time itself, there would not have been this confusion and now there is no meaning in approving an earlier rate because the delay in compensation was not due to our fault," said Babu.

The proposed bypass would pass through a length of 17.8 km through Palloor, for which a total of 30 acres of land have to be acquired. The land identified for acquisition belongs to 220 residents, and 45 houses will also have to be demolished.

However, the local administration said it has no role in the acquisition process now, as the NHAI has opposed the rate fixed by the DLPC.

"Now, it is up to the arbitrator to fix the rate and it is for the resident and the arbitrator to resolve the logjam," said Mangalatte Dinesh, the regional administrator of Mahe. He said the arbitrator is visiting for the purpose on August 31.

The land acquisition woes at neighbouring Azhiyoor panchayat in Kozhikode bordering Mahe is also the same and despite issuing 3A, 3D and 3G notifications, 88 families there are still caught up in a quandary because the land acquisition is yet to begin and there is no idea about the compensation too.

Unlike other places, in these stretches the people are willing to give their land but it is the laxity on the part of the authorities that cause the delay, according to the residents who are on the paths of legal fight.

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