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Jalandhar affordable for all class

Posted on Feb 06, 2015

Jalandhar: Apart from being one of the oldest cities of Punjab, Jalandhar boasts to be one of the most progressive cities of India. The state and central governments have worked towards lifting the infrastructure in Jalandhar to be at par with international standards. It is well connected with the rest of the country by road and railways and most importantly through telecommunications. The state government is also involved in strengthening the energy and power infrastructure of the district to meet the growing demands of the growing economy.

Tourism in Jalandhar is a major contributor in the steady growth of the city. Along with tourism that has flourished over the years, Jalandhar property market has grown tremendously.

Over the years, foreign direct investments in Jalandhar have increased as more and more foreign investors including Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) seem to realize the significance of investments in Jalandhars real estate segment. Be it the commercial property or the residential property or the retail sector in Jalandhar, there is a plethora of investment opportunities sure to return huge profits. There is a distinguished increase in the mushrooming townships in Jalandhar as well.

Foreign investors, mainly NRIs with an eye on the steady and consistent growth in economy are showing interest by buying properties, making realty prices soar by quantum leaps. To buy property in Jalandhar is a smart choice as the profits hover around 7% to 10% in commercial properties whereas the residential sector offers somewhere near 4% to 7%. To further prove the point, the Indian government is also keen on taking proactive measures towards garnering maximum FDIs.

Owing to prominent development in all the three real estate segments: residential, commercial and retail, Jalandhar has managed to come under the world property radar earning a number of promising real estate ventures.


The city is an ideal place for industrial growth, so many industries are being setting up here.

Being a major tourism place, the real estate prices have shot up.

Well connected through all transport system, sufficient infrastructure facilities , strategic location are the main futures.

The city is highly preferred for NRI investments.

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