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Glass: Preferred a lot by new age architects

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

Glass is strongly influencing the modern day architecture; its multifunctional nature is making its way to varied sections from house construction to decor.

More commercial buildings are seen these days made of glass then just concrete. The glazed fašade seems to be more in favour than concrete giants nowadays. Not just commercial, glass has started invading the residential sector as well. Whereas glass initially was just taken as a material used for interior decoration, now it is widely being used in the construction of houses and offices.

Glass is dominating the minds of architects and property owners. From glass sliders to window shields, to partitions and entire structures are being constructed of glass.

Also varied types of glasses are being used in various places. Properties of glass can be suitably altered by changing the basic ingredients or by adding few more ingredients. Fibre glass, foam glass, bulletproof glass, structural, perforated, ultraviolet ray glass, spandrel, insulating are some of the major types of glass being widely used today.

Today, the glass industry offers glazing with individual technical features that can be used for heat, solar, or sound protection, as design components, safety glass. The main focus in building is usually on saving energy, especially in these challenging times of increasing prices for energy and raw materials.

Glass is no longer just a filler element, but is rather being used for supporting or enveloping purposes.

When it comes to architectural interiors the sky's the limit. From glass entrances and room partitions, to glass stairways and bridges, glass washroom partitions and shower enclosures, glass kitchen cabinets and glass office white boards, smart age construction are unimaginable without glass. Usage of glass enables protection from rain, wind, and cold. Its use ensures transparency or translucency. Its use is a means of communication and supply of fresh air.

It also gives heat protection, sound protection, solar protection, object and personal protection, fire protection, temporary heat, use of solar energy, living comfort, means of design, electromagnetic dampening.

The ability to control heat, light, and sound transmission to a high degree enables architects to design buildings that have a greatly reduced impact on the environment and dwellings that are quiet, comfortable and safe. Glass also finds application in interior decoration and furniture. Glass is an attractive and smart alternative to other building materials like brick, wood, polycarbonate, etc. Us age of glass ensures more natural light in the house which makes the house energy-efficient. Many were doubtful on usage of glass since glass wouldn't effective in providing safety and security. But with the technological advancements taking place, it appeared that the hi-tech glass doesn't compromise on environmental sustainability, safety and security.

Commercial buildings are adapting glass structure more as it makes the structure energy conserving and pleasant looking. Structural glass also comes with varied ceramic frit alternatives, laminates and coatings, and colours like bronze, grey, clear, low iron glass. Also the width of the glass varies depending on its location of fixing whether it for balcony railing, staircase, showroom exterior ranging from 10 mm to 19 mm and even above.

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