Real estate news on Feng shui tips for bedroom

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Posted on Dec 02, 2016

Spice up the love life with these simple tips for the bedroom.

Bed is the most important element in your bedroom; the bed you choose for your bedroom must have a firm and strong matress and bed board. It is considered one of the most intimate as well as private things in a home. As per Feng Shui principles, this is good for your spine.

An ideal bedroom is a must to promote better rest, relaxation and relationships. It should be a peaceful haven for taking rest and also for romance. Feng shui tips will help you make your bed the ideal space for a healthy relationship. The most important aspect is its colour. Warm, rich earth and skin tones such as terra cotta, copper, peach, tan and cocoa are good for creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom.

Next thing is the position of your bed; as the bed should be placed in such position that there should be distance from the door. Your bedroom should look like a bedroom not as a gym or an office. Don't keep your computer or TV in your room.

Create a warm and cosy environment with colourfull bedspread and curtains should be subtle colours like white peach and pink. One can also keep candles and flowers in a vase or the figures or images of Laughing Buddha. Clean all the clutter from your bedroom, and do keep photographs of your loved ones in the room to bring back the nostalgia of times spent together.

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