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Posted on Sep 02, 2016

Seeking an abode in Mumbai? Times Mangal Parv is your one-stop solution.

With the dark clouds of the monsoon hiding in the backyard and the sun shining bright, the mood within the real estate market also seems to have been uplifted. And with the sentiments being optimistic about the performance of the real estate sector, experts are hoping that all the fence-sitters will finally take the plunge and realise their home-buying dream.

To add to it, with Times Mangal Parv 2016 at the doorstep, the time seems to be just right for the potential home-buyers to seal the deal this season. Mangal Parv, over the years, has not only grown in stature but has also emerged as one of the most credible home-buying festivals in the city. And this year too, it aims to help the potential homebuyers by providing them a good platform and bringing them closer to their dream house.

However, it's very important that home-buyers, before finalising the deal, keep certain key factors in mind and don't ignore the warning signs. Experts believe that buying a property is one of the most important decisions of an individual's life and hence, rational thinking is the need of the hour. Home-buyers must conduct due-diligence about the legalities of the property and the credibility of the builder.

Besides, he she should make sure their basic requirements are met. Your ideal home should be surrounded by a good social infrastructure, strong connectivity, green and open spaces and should have the potential to appreciate and attract great returns.

Pick projects where the developer has a good track record of quality, on-time delivery, ameni ties being delivered across other projects, etc, because only when these criteria are met, will your home-buying experience be a smooth sailing journey.

Home-buyers have been very hesitant lately, to make a realty investment and this has re flected in the sombre state of the market. However, experts are hoping that with the festive season kicking in, the market will come out of the turbulence and spell good news for all of them.

And with Times Mangal Parv kick-starting the festivities, the industry is only upbeat about the conditions improving. So if you too, have been looking for a home, it is wise not to delay the decision.

With some of Mumbai's best property developers showcasing their properties across the city, you do not even have to go too far to begin your search. Start now!

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