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Posted on Aug 18, 2016

With a number of new projects being launched in various localities in Ahmedabad, the city is set to attract more investors as well as homebuyers.

Ahmedabad is emerging as a big option when it comes to investment, be it commercial or residential. With the official announcements about the proposed Metro rail, new and renovated railway station, bunch of flyovers, four and six track lanes and several more facilities and projects, city is set to grow further landscape. Also, Ahmedabad's selection among the first twenty cities across the nation that shall be soon transformed into the Smart City has catalysed the market and is bringing in capital at a steady flow.

These projects and upcoming schemes for the city have been under discussion and paper work was under proceeding but now the government is finally done with all the formalities and legalities and green signal has been shown. Demands for houses are likely to go up in the next few yeras and therefore this pre-phase is an ideal time to invest in these houses. These future projects that have been kicked off now shall shape up and stand tall in the near future. A Smart option would be to invest in property and eat the ripen fruits by the end of four to five years.

In fact the trend has In fact the trend has already picked up in the city since the recent announcements were made; developers have seen a considerable boost in the realty market with customers solely aiming the future benefits. It can also be witnessed by seeing how the property market near the developing areas has picked up. It has directly influenced the investments in the areas where the projects are shaping up.

A flyover that will run over the National Highway, another at Sanathal and Ranassan for which the budget has been approved and soon the work shall commence. Attempts are also being made to get a flyover at Vasihnodevi Circle. In order to maintain and cleanliness and hygiene, corporation is making attempts to set up drainage line covering even the remote areas and focusing on proper solid waste management. Developing areas that are facing paucity of 24X7 water supply like Bopal, Ghuma, Shela, Shilaj and others is planned to be fixed soon. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call Ahmedabad a lake city, the city already has this beautiful water bodies developed at various spots in the city. Amdavadis shouldn't be taken for a surprise if they hear few more lakes re a planned.

City officials are planning to propose few lake arrivals, let us see how far this plea goes. After award winning BRTS facility, it is planned to avail citizens of the metro train project under which Thaltej to Vastral and Gyaspur to Motera will be linked.

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