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Posted on Jul 08, 2015

Windchantsis a unique blend of Residential Mix of over 3.1 million sq. ft of Built areas and has 35 Low rise Villas, 68 Mid-rise Duplexes and 460 High Rise Apartment and Condominiums, overlooking the Delhi Greens, in over 23.4 acres in Gurgaon, India. The development is a symphony weaved around landscaped hubs clustered with theme activities.

Windchantssignifies the shifting paradigm and proposes itself as a design solution to the chaotic Indian real estate development. It proposes to enhance the lost green, enhance public realm, and provide for the missing voids of community spaces which is not being provided by many.

The Project focuses on what the community lacks today. It has double height Stilts, covered visitors parking, outdoor fitness Areas, Pets Garden, reading corners, and spaces for herbariums where the community can grow their home grown spices and herbs. It was desired to pioneer, lead and attempts to demonstrate a solution of designing spaces which resonate ‘holistic living.

Windchants thus dedicates over 2,50,000 sq. ft of space allowing for such needs of the community - where kids have karate class, learn music or dance, gaze stars in the Open or the adjoining pavilions at the Skywalk. The Skywalk besides being the hub of health and interaction also has provisions to adapt to community needs.

The Winchants towers offer uninterrupted views and avoids the 'look into one-another' syndrome. All Blocks were interspersed in a weave along like the 'Saptrishi' - 7 stars of the constellation - Orion. All high rise towers were spaced away allowing flow of wind between the masses and allow for solar comfort to most landscape.

The Low rise developments are placed linear to the approach road and while the mid-rise Duplex were stacked above on the stilts to allow for transparency through the entire site. Linkages to all greens have been enforced to ensure visual connection as well as a public realm for activities and interaction. The lost Green area under the built blocks as ground coverage has been regained and moved up at the 7th level as ' The Skywalk' where all walk, jog, play and even grow their herbs and spices in 'interactive gardens'.

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